Artwork and Design

Artwork and Design

Signs can have many purposes, from raising awareness of your brand to directing customers to your business location. The first step in designing a sign is to decide what you require from the finished signs.

They may need to withstand adverse weather conditions if they are exposed to the elements, or they may need to be designed sympathetically with the appearance of the area in which they will be placed to satisfy the needs of planning officials.

The main questions that you will need to answer are:

  • How long do you expect the signs to last?
  • Do you need the signs to illuminate?
  • How far away do you want the signs to be read from?
  • What message do you want the signs to display?

We can help you cut costs through improved product design & artwork montages showing new signs in place of your existing signs.

SignManager are independent consultants who help large corporations improve the way they manage their branded assets across all their stores and facilities.

If you would like our help with a strategy to better manage your signage and branding requirements, contact us now.