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Illuminated LED Signage

It’s one thing to have a corporate sign that promotes your brand to pedestrians and commuters – it’s another thing completely to have your brand name up in lights, dazzling passers-by with illuminated LED signage.

SignManager helps businesses showcase themselves in their best light (literally), with high-end corporate LED signage that not only captures people’s attention, but holds it for long enough to leave a lasting positive impression.

Why invest in outdoor illuminated signage for your business?

There are numerous benefits to promoting your business with national LED signage:

  • LED signs use 80% less energy than their neon-bulb counterparts
  • Even during daylight hours, LED stands out far better than non-illuminated signage
  • After dark, your sign’s exposure increases, making it a 24-hour signage solution
  • Whereas neon-lit signage tends to break down and require ongoing maintenance, LED lighting stays brighter for longer, without the hassle of blown bulbs
  • Illuminated outdoor LED signage is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution
  • It creates an air of professionalism around your business
  • It allows for versatility in design – especially when you enlist the help of SignManager’s highly talented design team

SignManager is proficient in creating highly effective LED corporate signage on any scale

When it comes to extraordinary corporate signage that constantly works to expand brand awareness, our industry expertise is unparalleled. With more than 50 large organisations currently employing SignManager’s services, our phenomenal reputation stems from our tailored approach to each client’s individual needs.

From franchise signage and pylon signs to digital signage and billboards, SignManager provides end-to-end solutions to all your national corporate signage needs.

Our process is simple – our creative team takes care of the design, devising enticing signage displays that align with your brand messaging, while leaving a lasting impression on anyone who lays their eyes on it.

Once you are happy with the design, SignManager will roll out your illuminated LED signage across your entire network of brick-and-mortar stores, plus any other locations agreed upon in the consultation stage.

We handle the installation and ongoing maintenance of your signage, providing your business with an all-encompassing, hassle-free solution.

Why choose us for your corporate illuminated signage needs?

From design to implementation, SignManager considers every possible factor, including (but not limited to):

  • Ideal locations and perspectives, in order to maximise exposure to passers-by
  • Efficient installation and regular maintenance of signage to ensure it remains effective and professional-looking at all times
  • All necessary approvals acquired in advance
  • Sufficient power supply to your corporate illuminated signage

It’s this attention to detail and commitment to 100% client satisfaction that puts SignManager at the forefront of corporate LED signage providers in Australia and beyond. Whatever the size and scope of your corporate signage needs, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations.

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