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Corporate Digital Signage for Your Australian Business

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to create dynamic signage that can be updated in real-time, modernise your signage with a digital signage program. Here at SignManager, we specialise in creating cost-effective, tailored national digital signage solutions for businesses throughout Australia. Our approach takes into consideration your needs and expected outcomes to ensure the results are as successful as you envision.

We are proud to be Australia’s trusted name when it comes to unique, innovative signage solutions, artwork, design, rebranding, auditing, surveying and more. If you would like to know more about how digital signage solutions can benefit your business, get in touch with our team today!


What to consider before organising digital signage

In order to design and install digital signage for your business, you should hire a professional team who have technical knowledge and experience in this area. There are various different elements that should be considered in the process, including:

  • Purchasing the appropriate hardware (screens)
  • Mounting of the hardware
  • Deciding between cabling versus wireless communication
  • Consider integrating displays
  • Which media player to use
  • Which software is best for your needs

Here at SignManager, our team can help you determine the best digital signage strategy for your particular needs, goals and budget. We are proud to be national leaders when it comes to digital signage having worked with some of the world’s most recognisable brands.


How can digital signage benefit your business?

Digital signage is an innovative way for your business to provide timely promotions and information to their customers. Imagine if you could update your signage to reflect a change immediately from a computer or smart phone? Digital signage is rapidly appearing throughout schools, hospitals, universities, hotels and retail stores due to its ability to quickly send out targeted, eye-catching messages in real-time. The flexibility of this approach means that you or your team can change the information being displayed in a matter of minutes, ensuring that you always stay connected with your customers .

Digital signage is a great way to boost sales, drive more foot traffic into your retail store and seamlessly communicate important information in a timely manner. Perhaps most importantly, the flexibility of this type of signage means that you can save money on replacing static options, making it a more cost-effective approach long-term.


Enquire with our team today!

Over the years, we have helped clients throughout various industries – such as GE Money and Europcar – use digital signage to their advantage. No matter whether you’re a SME based in one state or a national chain, we can help you.

To learn more about how digital signage can benefit your business, get in contact with us today or download our digital signage brochure to learn more.

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