Case Study: Holden

Case Study:


Comprehensive site audits work towards Dealerships of the Future

Project finish date: April 2017
Location: National

SignManager’s web-based management system allow our Property Teams to log on to a job at any time, and view job progress and contractor pricing. This transparent business works  well for us and has enabled us to form a trustworthy business relationship which has provided a number of benefits over our previous procurement model.
Matthew Franich - Property Director
Aldi Stores

As part of Holden’s exciting ‘Dealership of the Future’ project, which closely followed their recent rebranding exercise; the marketing and branding teams realised that they required a comprehensive  understanding of all their dealership sites. This included current external and internal signage, as well as the external and internal layout and presentation of all customer facing Holden Dealership Premises
across Australia and New Zealand.

Holden chose SignManager to design and execute the Dealer Review program because of our proven network of thousands of contractors globally and our state-of-the-art project and asset management software. This is underscored by our ability to clearly understand the needs of all stakeholders and design an audit process that delivers Holden’s requirements in real time. SignManager set to work and created custom auditing software for Holden. This integrated directly with our asset management system, along with concise briefing documents to directly meet, and in fact exceed, the client’s outcomes. 

This enabled their network to simply download a functional (app-like) piece of software to their own device, which was loaded with standard assets, zoning and documentation for the auditor to efficiently:

  • Identify, create and count asset off-takes
  • Capture an unlimited amount of photos which were collated and uploaded per zone
  • Identify and report non-compliant, damaged or risk-related assets or zones 
  • Collate dimensions of floor plans, sign footings, customer facing areas etc

All of these functions feed live from the site and is geospatially enabled, so that the precise location of every image is viewable on our mapping software. At the immediate end of the audit, SignManager Project Managers and client stakeholders were automatically notified and all data was available. 

Through the 4 week auditing process, Holden was able to access live reporting, which meant progress, data quality and completed sites were ready for their teams to review and progress.