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Keysborough Bowling Club

Keysborough Bowls Club recently underwent a custom awning and refurbishment project, which was being managed by the City of Greater Dandenong. This project brought up a small signage challenge for their Project Manager, Wes Parker. The architect on the project had specified 6mm galvanised plate letters, although the club stakeholders and Wes had a preference for an illuminated option. 

SignManager designed the letter set, which comprised of a custom aluminium plinth and acrylic lettering with embedded LED illumination. Upon client approval, we tendered the scope of works to our prequalified contractors that were local to the site, then oversaw the production, installation, power connection and all the relevant checks and balances with the successful contractor.

The client and club committee were over the moon with the outcome.

As a Project Manager for the City of Greater Dandenong, I generally become involved with multiple projects of numerous disciplines running in succession. When signs are part of any project’s scope, involving SignManager is perfect for us as they offer great expertise, savvy design and facilitate a fair and transparent tendering process by providing a range of relevant quotations to satisfy our procurement obligations. They know the strengths and capabilities of most signage contractors in our locale – and beyond. Once I select my preferred contractor, SignManager see the project through ensuring quality, OH&S compliance and timelines are met without distraction. The council and the club are particularly satisfied with the new signage. It is a great “all round” outcome.

Wes Parker – Project Manager
City of Greater Dandenong