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Special Projects: The General Assembly

In June 2015 Carlton & United Breweries’ Venue Solutions Manager Wayne Pilbeam came to SignManager with a unique project. CUB would be hosting a three-day International conference in Melbourne in June, with over 600 employees and CEO’s in attendance. 

As part of the conference a lunch had been booked at the General Assembly on South Wharf. CUB had plans to temporarily dress all the existing signage at the General Assembly in the Carlton Draught brand. This involved large external custom shaped signs, adapting 5ft circular panels to fit voids and adding additional branding to any available space.

When it came to manufacturing the signage there were a number of challenges. The first challenge was producing a well-presented solution while keeping everything within the budget.

The second challenge was providing a temporary solution that didn’t require any permanent or mechanical fixings for installation. SignManager alongside the contractor worked to ensure that a visually pleasing solution was presented, and after the event the temporary signs could be removed without damaging the venue’s existing signs and walls. 

This special project came with one final challenge, which was access  restrictions at the venue. Installers had only four hours in the morning the day of the lunch to carry out the installation. The signs were installed for a total of four hours and removed after the lunch within a period of two hours. 

Thorough planning resulted in a successful installation and removal within the tight timeframe. CUB were extremely satisfied with the outcome.