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10 Iconic New York Neon Signs

New York neon lights

Regardless of whether you’ve ever had the good fortune of setting foot in New York City, there’s no denying that bright neon signs are a huge part of the New York culture. From giant glowing sky signs in Times Square to the hot dog vendor lighting up an otherwise dark street corner with his hot dog stand; neon signs and NYC go hand-in-hand.

Here’s a quick exploration of the most iconic neon signs you’ll find in the five boroughs of New York City.

        • Nathan’s Famous

        With more than a hundred years of history under its belt, it’s safe to say that Nathan’s has embedded itself as an integral part of New York’s identity, and Coney Island in particular. Of course, the neon lights might not be over a century old but they sure make the hugely popular establishment look even more inviting!

      •  Nathan’s Famous NYC
      • Times Square Subway Station & Staten Island Ferry

      Whereas most cities don’t feel the need to make anything special of their transport system in the way of aesthetics, New York is not most cities… from Times Square Station to the Staten Island Ferry, you can expect to see a vibrant spectacle of bright glowing lights to illuminate the area and add to New York’s charm.

    •  Times Square Subway Station
      • Russ & Daughters

      Here’s another food spot with over a century of experience to boast (there’s no shortage of 100+ year old businesses in New York City). Located in the Lower East Side, Russ & Daughters is world renowned as one of the best appetizing stores across the globe.

    •  Russ & Daughters signs
      • Wyndham New Yorker Hotel

      You might be familiar with this image from its appearance in countless iconic films over the years. This historic art deco hotel is made even more distinguishable by its towering neon sign, which dates back nearly a hundred years (although it’s been replaced with a new signage fitout since then).

    •  Wyndham New Yorker Hotel
      • Pepsi Cola Sign

      It’s hard to believe when you take a stroll through Long Island now that the whole area used to be an industrial hub, with very little thought put into making the place visually attractive – it was function only. However, there are subtle nods to Long Island’s industrial past scattered throughout, like the iconic Pepsi Cola sign, which used to sit atop a Pepsi bottling plant.

    •  Pepsi Cola Sign
      • Katz’s Delicatessen

      It’s difficult to picture New York City in your mind’s eye without immediately being hit with images of vertical neon signs running down the sides of apartment buildings to the shops below. You see it in montages on shows like Seinfeld and Friends, as well as depicted in all kinds of framed photographs in shops around the world. Perhaps Katz’s Delicatessen played a role in cementing the vertical neon sign into NYC culture forever. You can still find this delicious sandwich shop on the corner of East Houston and Ludlow, in the Lower East Side.

    •  Katz’s Delicatessen
      • Wonder Wheel

      No trip to New York is complete without a visit to Coney Island for rides like the Cyclone roller coaster and the Wonder Wheel! Having been shown in countless movies, TV shows, music videos and other pop culture references throughout the years, the neon sign of the Wonder Wheel is a much-loved staple of New York’s “neon sign culture”.

    •  Wonder Wheel
      • Little Italy

      There’s no mistaking you’ve entered Manhattan’s Little Italy when you pass under this iconic brightly lit neon sign, which manages to outshine even the glow of the yellow cabs constantly passing underneath it. With a whole host of cute and charming Italian restaurants to choose from, each more delicious than the last, Little Italy and its neon sign are permanent fixtures of New York City.

    •  Little Italy NYC
      • Theatre District

      If there’s one other thing Broadway is known for other than its world recognised live theatre culture, you could argue it’s the bright neon signs that promote the shows playing in the theatres. We must also give a special mention to Apollo Theater, where countless concert-goers have eagerly crowded under its world famous neon sign to see acts like the Jackson 5, James Brown, D’Angelo and Lauryn Hill (just to name a few!).

    •  Theatre District NYC
      • C.O. Bigelow Chemist

      And last but not least, this prestigious Greenwich Village chemist is thought to have been where the one and only Mark Twain would purchase his shaving soap! It’s hard to miss the giant bright neon sign with an arrow directing you straight into the chemist from the street.

    •  C.O. Bigelow Chemist
    • New York wouldn’t be New York without its iconic neon signs

      The next time you’re lucky enough to visit the Big Apple, keep an eye out for these stunning testaments to New York’s nightlife, and the huge role they play in making the NYC skyline what it is… one of a kind.

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