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How to Specify Signs That Are Fit for Purpose

New signage has the ability to breathe new life into your brand. Whether you opt for a complete rebrand or simply refresh your existing branding with some new additions/amendments; periodically updating your signage instils confidence in your customers. It shows them that you’re passionate about your brand’s image.

In the process of choosing new signage to use for your business, it’s important to keep your goals for the finished product in mind – in fact, working backwards can be an effective approach. Make sure everyone involved in the project (including third-party signage companies) is clear from the outset about what you’re trying to achieve with your branded assets. Unless you’re absolutely clear from the start about what you need from your signage, you leave things open to interpretation and projects can go awry.

How long do you expect the signs to last?

The frequency of your brand image updates depends on the longevity you want for it. Most corporations will rebrand every seven to 10 years, but this may come sooner if there are plans in place involving mergers or acquisitions. Meanwhile, other businesses might prolong this process – especially those with more traditional styles that don’t need frequent updating to stay relevant.

The average lifespan of a new sign can be anything from six months to 15 years, depending on what materials and manufacturing methods are used. Consult with professionals who can help you find the best balance between price and longevity.

Check the fine print on your sign warranty carefully, so you know what is covered and how much time it lasts for. A five-year plan might seem like a good deal at first, but if there are conditions that would render any of those years void then this could be effectively worthless to you. Sign warranties often have lists with certain key phrases that disqualify the warranty in certain situations (like extreme weather, for example). Pay attention when reading through the fine print, because these little giveaways can save big money down the line.

Do you need the signs to illuminate?

An illuminated sign is essential if your business operates after dark – and even if it isn’t, illuminated signage can still help to raise brand awareness when you’re shut. They may cost more (both upfront and in ongoing electricity costs), but the benefits it brings may be worth the investment depending on your needs.

What message do you want the signs to display?

When you’re designing your signage, keep in mind whether the message you’re trying to convey is simple or complicated. You need to think carefully about what information will best convey this message and make sure it won’t become irrelevant or outdated in the near future.

Some options for messages are:

  • Brand only
  • Brand and tagline
  • A secondary message such as location name or directional information

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