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How to Know When You Need a Sign Management Specialist

Imagine you’re the proud owner of a local independent coffee shop. A single location, with a single shopfront for passers-by to see. You might hire a local graphic designer to help you create a nice logo, after which you’ll probably get in touch with a few different sign-makers to discuss what kind of material to print your sign on for durability, whether you should opt for a window stencil or a sandwich board-style sign, etc.

Finally, you’d be wise to speak with the local council about any permits or licenses you might need in order to legally install permanent signage out the front of your store. And when your sign gets damaged in a severe storm, for example, or it’s starting to look a little shabby and could use some maintenance, you simply get in touch with your sign-maker mate who produced it in the first place. They made it, so they’ll know how to clean it properly, or carry out efficient and reliable repairs – easy.

Now imagine you work in the global marketing division at McDonald’s, and the decision to rebrand is passed down from management. That’s 38,000 locations around the world, each with their own signage which needs updating and then maintaining on a regular basis. That’s 120 countries, each with their own rules and regulations around signage installation and site maintenance, different climates which require different materials of signage to withstand local weather conditions, and more.

You get the idea – on a small scale, sign management can be taken care of in-house. Scale up, however, and sign management becomes a mammoth task with countless moving parts, requiring a very specific skillset which takes years of expertise to develop.

The benefits of enlisting the help of a sign management specialist

When you outsource your sign management needs to qualified and experienced professionals like our team of consultants at SignManager, you no longer have the headache of finding the answers to questions like:

  • What permits do we need to acquire for what locations?
  • Which materials are best suited to the various climates we’re installing signage in?
  • How do we ensure all signage is maintained on a routine basis across several markets, so that our branding remains professional and consistent?
  • What’s our plan for staying on top of signage repairs as/when needed on a global scale? How do we ensure the contractor who comes to fix it knows the details of that specific site’s signage – colours, materials, measurements, site complexities and other factors?

All of these considerations need to be managed in a system or by a single point of contact who you can liaise with, and who can manage all these aspects for you. Managing your branded assets consumes a lot of time, effort and resources that take away from your key tasks.

If you want it done right and efficiently, leaving you time to do what your role entails, you need a sign management specialist.

SignManager provides end-to-end solutions for protecting your branded assets

At SignManager, we help large organisations ensure their signage is up to date and regularly maintained. We also ensure there’s a smooth and seamless system in place for letting contractors know what materials were used for specific signage sites, how to make site-specific signage repairs, and keep track of their branded assets worldwide.

We act as your partner to manage all aspects of your brand across all your physical locations, using our well-established contractor network to carry out the work on your behalf and in line with your goals. From simple window signage and pylon signs to billboards, sky signs and all forms of digital signage; we serve as a convenient one-stop point of contact for all your sign management needs. Get in touch for more information.

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