How to Ensure the Best Value for a National Signage Program


How to Implement & Ensure the Best Value for a National Signage Program

It goes without saying that replacing or implementing new signage on a nationwide scale is a mammoth undertaking. Whether you’re expanding into new markets, rebranding as a result of a merger/acquisition, or simply freshening up your old designs/tired signage; the process can be time-consuming, expensive and generally overwhelming for those in charge of the project.

However, when executed properly, a national sign program will achieve the following:

  • Consistent branding across all of your stores, as immediately recognisable and “on brand”
  • More effective customer communication, whereby audiences are excited about the new brand and its values
  • Value for money, provided you invest in quality materials that will last for the life of the branding
  • Uniform upgrading of all stores’ branding at once, for a seamless transition
  • Sufficient management and coordination of quality control, organisational health and safety, work permits, permissions, certificates, defects and warranties

So, how do you ensure all the boxes get ticked and everything goes to plan, from initial concept design through to successful installation and ongoing maintenance?

Initial steps for implementing a national signage program, at the planning stage

  1. Get the team together, including stakeholders, to ensure everyone’s on the same page right from the get-go. This helps to avoid miscommunication and issues between internal/external parties moving forward.
  2. Understand the process – this is trickier than you might think. Implementing a national signage program is essentially executing a mini construction project at multiple sites, each requiring many different processes and skilled resources to be coordinated to achieve a successful outcome.
  3. Lay out some clear standards. This involves setting collective project goals, deciding how long the new branding will need to last, setting a preliminary time-frame and budget for the project, and allocating resources appropriately.

Some things to keep in mind when carrying out these steps include:

  • Permit acquisition – most signs require planning permits and Building Development Approval, both of which require formal landlord approval, so get on top of this as early in the process as possible.
  • All structural components need to be certified by an engineer.
  • All electrical work needs to be certified by a registered electrician.
  • Signage installations may need council space occupancy permits, road traffic and/or pedestrian management measures, overhead or underground power works permits, to name a few. Site-specific Work Safety Method Statements and Job Safety Analyses are required for every installation.

Questions to ask yourself to ensure the best value for your national signage program

  • Do I have spare internal resources that could work on this project?
  • Do these internal sources have specialist knowledge in the design, manufacture and installation of signage?
  • As a company, do we understand the risks associated with a project of this type and how to mitigate them?
  • Do we have relationships with the specialist resources required to deliver the project; such as designers, auditors, town planners, engineers, project managers, licensed builders, procurement specialists, manufacturers and of course signage installers?

There’s no need to tackle a national signage implementation program on your own

SignManager is a team of independent consultants with a wealth of knowledge and experience in signage management. We help large corporations improve the way they manage their branded assets across all their stores and facilities, nationwide or even globally.

Partnering with us means benefitting from:

  • A single point of control to ensure the brand is consistently applied across your national and international presence.
  • A single point of contact to assist your team, for providing expertise, a national network of resources, improved quality control processes, better risk management, a more flexible supply chain and access to specialist systems to make implementing signage projects simpler.
  • Quicker response times from a national network of service-providers and lower costs through the intelligent use of asset data and mobile tools.

Contact SignManager today

Call us on 1800 300 103 or email to discuss how we can help you implement a national signage program that achieves your branding goals and exceeds your expectations for efficiency and reliability.

We specialise in everything from implementing digital signage and conducting site audits, to helping corporations rebrand with new signage.

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