Australian Safety Signs for Occupational Environments


Understanding Australian Standard 1319-1994: Safety Signs for Occupational Environments

The importance of clear, compliant, and effective safety signage in the occupational environment cannot be overstated. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of employees, visitors, and everyone involved in a professional setting – this is where the Australian Standard 1319-1994 comes into play. Safety signs in Australia are standardised in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1319:1994.

However, there are strict codes and measurements not only by the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the AS1742.1:2021 standard but also from the standard AS1851 and the State and Commonwealth legislation. Recognising the significance of these standards and their applicability in today’s workspaces, we delve deep into its guidelines and what it means for businesses across Australia.

What is Australian Standard 1319-1994?

At its core, the Australian Standard 1319-1994 is a comprehensive document that outlines the specifications and requirements for safety signs intended for use in the occupational environment. The aim is to establish a universal language of signs, ensuring they’re easily recognisable and understood, regardless of the viewer’s background or prior knowledge.

Key Features of Australian Standard Safety Signs

  1. Categories of Signs: The standard classifies safety signs into six main categories based on their purpose:
    • Prohibition signs (for actions that are not permitted)
    • Mandatory signs (actions that must be taken)
    • Warning signs (potential hazards)
    • Emergency information signs (locations or directions to emergency facilities)
    • Fire signs (information about fire protection)
    • General information signs
  2. Design and Colours: The standard specifies the colour, shape, and layout of each category to ensure immediate recognition and comprehension.
  3. Content & Symbols: Pictograms and text need to be clear, concise, and in some cases, accompanied by supplementary signs for further clarification.

Safety signage

The Role of SignManager in Navigating AS 1319-1994:

SignManager is your industry-leading partner in understanding, designing, and implementing Australian standard safety signs. Here’s how we can assist:

  • Safety Signage Solutions: Our dedicated safety signage solutions ensure that your signs align with AS 1319-1994, granting peace of mind knowing that your workspace adheres to the top-tier safety standards.
  • Expert Installation: Australian standards signage installation requires precision, understanding, and expertise. We offer end-to-end signage fitouts to ensure your signs are not just compliant but also effectively placed for maximum impact.
  • Consultation & Advice: Not sure where to begin or how to navigate the complex landscape of safety signage Australia? Our advice and consulting services can guide you through every step, ensuring clarity and compliance.

Ready to get started?

The AS1319-1994, Work Health and Safety Act, and relevant Australian Standards and Government legislation might seem intricate, but with the right partner, navigating its requirements becomes a seamless task. SignManager prides itself on providing top-tier solutions, helping businesses across Australia maintain a safe, compliant, and efficient occupational environment.

For any queries or to embark on your signage journey, contact us today. Your safety is our utmost priority, and together, we can create spaces that are both safe and productive.

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