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Raceday Ready

Tabcorp approached SignManager in early February 2017, to complete site audits of 14 country racetracks in NSW. The difference was that this project had to be completed before each race track’s major race which meant that we had a tight deadline to work to. 

“I gave SignManager very tight timelines to deliver a stretching rebranding project across 14 x NSW On-Course Racetracks. Tabcorp Regional Managers & Racetrack contacts were engaged to bring together the full scope of the project. Designs were crisp, timelines being adhered to concisely with the execution absolutely spot on to leave the Tabcorp On-Course Team delighted with the mini-project!”
Jimmy Handley – Retail Activation Manager
Tabcorp Holdings Ltda

The project scope consisted of a signage site audit on every track, design and artwork, and then the placement and installation of new signage, ready for race day. The first race date was February 12th, and the last was March 26th. In these 6 weeks we first surveyed the sites to see which signage was up to date and which signage still needed to be updated, or if there was any opportunities for new signage.

Having this information meant that we could liaise with the regional managers and contractors easily and prepare to work quickly and smoothly to finish the project on time. Most signage that was needed were ACM flat panels with a digital print, however after project completion we were also asked to fit out a trailer as well. We completed the entire project on time and met all of our deadlines. Our ability to coordinate regional contractors quickly allowed us to pull this project off seamlessly.