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Starbucks Success

After providing guidance and advice on its store signage strategy, Starbucks engaged SignManager to run a proof of concept trial for its facility management systems in the Northern Californian region, which has 680 stores. Starbucks operated a total of 13,200 coffee houses in the US market. After a successful trial, SignManager was awarded the contract to provide FM services for store signage in the region on a  permanent basis.

Over the last seven years, we have been able to provide Starbucks with significant benefits over their previous model: 

  • Reduced the number of outages by 30%
  • Reduced the FM budget for signs by 40%
  • Improved the fix time for signage issues dramatically

These improvements have been achieved using SignManager’s award winning Signifi FM systems, industry specialist response teams and a network of skilled vendors across the country. Signifi Systems record all asset information at a site, including photos, technical specifications and drawings, warranty information and work history.

This detailed information allows our industry experienced response teams to troubleshoot over the phone with the store manager, eliminating the need for unnecessary call outs and audits. If a call out is necessary, we can quickly dispatch the closest vendor to the site with the correct replacement parts and access equipment, to fix the signs the first time. This avoids the significant cost of return visits, which make up over 20% of a typical R&M maintenance budget. 

By tracking the history of assets, we can identify where an asset has outlived its useful life cycle and maintenance costs become unacceptable. We are able to identify where a replace, rather than repair, strategy is a better option for our clients. 

Signifi can also track warranties from the manufacturers, ensuring the FM budget is not wasted on items that should be covered under warranty.

SignManager have also helped Starbucks with strategy, design and procurement initiatives, to lower their costs, improve performance and reduce risk across their stores.