Hertz | SignManager

SignManager updated the digital screens for Hertz at their Melbourne Airport location

Hertz engaged SignManager to assist them with upgrading their digital signage at their Melbourne Airport location. Once the necessary airport permits and permissions were acquired, SignManager organised for the removal the existing scrolling message displays. These were old fashioned and cumbersome LED displays which were not operating as originally planned and were stuck displaying a static message. 

After the old LED structure was removed,  two wall mounted slim-line LCD digital screens were installed, this allowed for visibility from greater distances while also freeing up valuable car parking spaces. When selecting the screens, consideration was given to the screen environment and operation.

As the screens would be in a public space and require 24/7 operation, commercial grade screens with a specialised security case were selected. Along with the installation of the screens, SignManager organised the data and media player connection, allowing Hertz head office to manage the content for each screen via a wired internet connection. Head office is now able to make instantaneous changes without requiring assistance from staff on site.

The screens can be set-up to display an individualised message suited to its location or all the screens can show a consistent corporate marketing message. The digital signage is now in operation, displaying real-time information for their Gold Club members, including customer names and the exact location of their hire car