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Rebranding stores in remote locations in tight deadlines

In 2013, Woolworths embarked on a project to re-brand 71 Woolworths Liquor stores to the BWS brand across a broad geographic area of WA. The project was split into three stages, each with tight deadlines.
Woolworths had previously experienced ongoing problems in this region due to the remote locations of their stores, lack of reliable contractors and quality issues. So they chose SignManager for their ability to solve the problems previously experienced in this region. 

Site audits were then conducted and artworks created with the new branding and specifications. The work was then tendered to the approved contractors in each region and best market value was delivered to Woolworths for every store. 

SignManager selected a panel of approved contractors from its database who had previously demonstrated reliable performance and quality workmanship. The contractors were then screened according to the required skill-set and their capacity to deliver the work within the timeframe.

The entire process was managed through SignManager’s online web portal, Signifi, giving Woolworths remote access to monitor communications, documents, finance and job progress at any time. All  communications were channelled through a single point of contact at SignManager who micro managed all aspects of the project. 

Woolworths was so impressed with this process, it also engaged SignManager to manage the internal and external painting in addition to the signage. Our association on BWS and Woolworths projects is continuing.