Bank of Melbourne | SignManager

Rebranding of internal and external signage

When Westpac and the Bank of Melbourne chose to launch the Bank of Melbourne brand in Victoria, they appointed us to help. The project comprised all internal and external signage across 44 St. George branches, two large high-rise landmark signs and six new branches. 

It was a challenging project, given the short installation period. All signage would need to be installed over a single weekend. To manage the project efficiently, we used our unique, online management system, Signifi. This world-leading, web-based system helped select 150 suitable contractors from our approved national network.

In the lead-up to the deadline, numerous trips to Melbourne were made to monitor quality and inspect the manufacturing process. Potential risks were identified, and contingency plans put in place. When the  weekend of the rebranding arrived, staff, clients and contractors worked round the clock to coordinate the project. That the deadline and budget were duly met, speaks volumes for the combination of planning, expertise and experience SignManager brings to all our projects.