AMP | SignManager

Rolling out an exciting new brand across 8 international locations

AMP’s new spark logo, created by the high profile Hulsbosch Agency, is considered to be one of the most creative pieces of commercial design in recent years. AMP chose SignManager to assist with re-branding their signage throughout their international network. The rebrand consisted of three different projects, each requiring different and unique skills to execute.

AMP Capital reimage at various international offices throughout Australia, Bahrain, Beijing, Delhi, Singapore and New York: SignManager’s contractor network was utilised to reimage signage at AMP Capital offices in Australia, New Zealand and USA. Other contractor affiliations were established to complete the installation at the remaining global locations.

AMP Financial Planner Network SignManager worked with AMP’s marketing team to implement the new brand across their extensive Financial Planner network. Site audit data was uploaded to SignManager’s online system and artwork was then produced for each location for approval by the Planners, AMP and Lessors. Best market pricing was obtained using local contractors and the new brand was  rolled out to the Financial Planner network within the agreed time frame.

AMP high rise identification signage, New Zealand: Individual letters with LED illumination and animated movement in the “spark” logo required technical design skills and logistical planning to deliver a landmark icon to the city skyline.