Case Study: Europcar Brisbane Airport

Case Study:


Digital Signage in Brisbane Airport

Project finish date: Febuary 2019
Location: Brisbane

As the digital signage trend is ever developing, we are being approached more and more by clients who would like to modernise their static signage and upgrade to digital. Europcar were after a form of signage to display multiple messages to customers at their Brisbane Airport domestic terminal carpark location, instead of their static signage showing just their logo. The difficulty with this project was that the location of the signs were to be in was a very narrow space, located behind glass sliding doors. Normal LCD displays create a lot of heat and this would have been an issue for staff and customers in the small office. Our project managers suggested using LED screens instead as they give off very little heat, and are also viewable from 2 to 20 metres away. 

The screens are also very thin, which meant they could be installed behind the glass sliding doors without any issues. The digital content can be changed and updated remotely, so that their marketing messages can be changed whenever they like.

SignManager provided the expertise to work through issues around the difficult mounting position, the potential amount of heat coming off the screens into the office, and to provide data screens which have small pixel HD LEDs. We carried out a site survey initially to scope the project, and created artwork for the client. We then supplied and installed the screens, which were special order products due to their size and configuration.