Case Study: Latitude Financial Services

Case Study:

Latitude Financial Services

Celebration Day Launch

Project finish date: January 2016
Location: International

The outcome was a 100% successful launch of Celebration Day. A high level of communication and synergy between our client's project team, SignManager, and our contractor network made this risky project one to look back on with pride.

In late 2015 our long term client, GE Money, had an interesting challenge for us. After selling their ‘money’ business, their senior management group decided on a brand design for what is now renamed Latitude Financial Services. The new branding was released with a focus on internal staff, and a strong emphasis on change management. This release happened simultaneously in four head offices spread over three states and two countries over one weekend, and was labelled ‘Celebration Day’. They came to us to design, produce, and roll-out all the associated signage and celebratory paraphernalia.

Challenges that came with a project of this magnitude and time restraints included:

  • Providing budget estimates for the signage and launch concept before, during and after they were conceived
  • Live consultation on the feasibility and buildability of design concepts
  • Ensuring we had the right prequalified contractors on notice to guarantee we had a 100% launch success
  • Ensuring we also had accredited and proven installation teams ready to place and install all of the signage collateral across all sites
  • Providing unit costs for standard and bespoke elements such as balloons, internal graphic treatments, mobile photographic backdrops and atrium sails
  • Ensuring we could create, manufacture and coordinate all of the components for all sites within ten working days 

The outcome was a 100% successful launch of Celebration Day, across all sites. This included everything from lift lobby graphic treatments to entry floor, wall, lift and glazing graphics being in place. A high level of
communication and synergy between our client’s project team, SignManager and our contractor network made this risky project one to look back on with pride.