Case Study: City of Greater Dandenong – Dandy Pig

Case Study:

The City of Greater Dandenong

Dandy Pig goes to market

Project finish date: April 2015
Location: Melbourne

We engaged SignManager to manage the installation of our historic Dandy Pig neon sign. We were very pleased with the level of service SignManager provided us with throughout the project. They successfully managed a number of stakeholders to deliver a great result. 
Pasquale Mastrocola - Project Manager
The City of Greater Dandenong Council

The City of Greater Dandenong engaged SignManager to manage the installation of the Dandy Pig sign at its new home on the roof of the Dandenong Market. The team at SignManager were very excited to be  involved in this project, as we were partnering with the council to bring an iconic landmark back to the people of the Dandenong. The sign had recently undergone a refurbishment, replacing almost every part. The
sign including its structure is 6 metres tall and weighs over four tonnes.

SignManager worked with a number of parties to manage the installation. Firstly a steel structure was built to hold the sign. This structure was secured to the roof of the Market and then an 80 Tonne Mobile Crane was used to manoeuvre the sign onto the roof. Here it was held in place while a team of contractors secured the sign to the structure

SignManager prides itself on providing a service that allows the client to give them a project, walk away and know each finite detail will be handled. The transparent system has assisted in making our clients daily job free of headache with respect to branding. If our client is on the road traveling and needs to check details for any location, they can login to Signifi at any time and obtain details from past or present projects. In a fast and constantly moving technological world, SignManager continues to keep several paces ahead. Asking clients what we can do to make their jobs easier and continuing to evolve to meet their needs, whatever that need might be.