Case Study: City of Greater Dandenong Library

Case Study:

City of Greater Dandenong

Harmony Square Library

Project finish date: April 2017
Location: Dandenong, Melbourne

As a project Manager for the City of Greater Dandenong, I have had opportunity to first hand witness the expertise provided through SignManager. 

They delivered on all expectations and deadlines, and simplified the process whilst saving on our project budget. They have helped make this work a success in creating a modern, sleek entrance to our newly updated library in Harmony Square. Through SignManager we are very pleased with the enhanced visual identity which has been the result fronting our popular Library venue.
Wes Parker - Project Manager
City of Greater Dandenong

Aldi’s sign management had historically been based on a contract arrangement with two approved suppliers, re-tendered every 2 years. When one of these contractors went into administration, Aldi was left with a major sign management headache.

Stock had been frozen by the administrators and several jobs were delayed as the remaining contractor struggled to manage the additional capacity.

The previous contractor had a fixed price contract on a selection of standard items, but this did not cover non-standard signage or some aspects of freight and travel.

To help resolve the issue, Aldi asked SignManager for assistance. First up, a detailed sign manual was developed that provided a contractors with detailed specifications to tender for the work. 

By tendering every job to at least three contractors in each state, we were able to deliver significant cost savings. Compared to their previous contractor’s benchmark pricing, costs were cut by 13% after the first year, including all our management fees.