Case Study: City of Greater Dandenong Library

Case Study:

City of Greater Dandenong

Harmony Square Library

Project finish date: April 2017
Location: Dandenong, Melbourne

During the installation of a new high-tech revolving airlock entrance at the library in Dandenong’s Harmony Square, the City of Greater Dandenong’s Project Manager turned to SignManager to design an illuminated sign to integrate neatly into the airlock’s design.

After a review of a few conceptual sketches, the design was refined into a set of slim-line 3D opal acrylic letter forms with embedded LED illumination. The 3D letters were then fitted to custom sub-frame which had been rolled to the exact radius of the airlock. A neat installation.

Once the design was approved, SignManager transparently tendered the scope of work out to three suitable contractors that were local to the site to ensure best market value, then managed the project through to a safe and successful completion, leaving the client free to get on with delivering their many other projects.

As a project Manager for the City of Greater Dandenong, I have had opportunity to first hand witness the expertise provided through SignManager.

They delivered on all expectations and deadlines, and simplified the process whilst saving on our project budget. They have helped make this work a success in creating a modern, sleek entrance to our newly updated library in Harmony Square. Through SignManager we are very pleased with the enhanced visual identity which has been the result fronting our popular Library venue.

Wes Parker - Project Manager
City of Greater Dandenong