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Signifi System

Our online management system, Signifi, leads the way in web-based sign management. It’s unique to SignManager, and delivers major efficiencies for our clients, across all aspects of our business.

Our full-time IT staff manage and oversee the system, with software upgraded and customised to suit specific client needs. Multiple backup and security safeguards keep data secure at all times.

Key Signifi features:


  • Secure, long-term storage of project data, job photos and design specifications
  • Simple online access to progress updates, correspondence and contractor transactions
  • Easy to reference signage portfolios, without the need for site audits
  • Efficient and accurate project management, supporting a paperless work environment
  • Records of contractors’ insurances and performance ratings
  • Customised client reports including ROI, job progress, value, and age of signage
  • Google Maps integration that creates a map or street view for each project
  • Geocoding that identifies contractors in the same location and helps bundle jobs together

Intelligent solutions

Our intelligent, integrated process spans the lifecycle of the sign, and delivers value for money and a significant advantage for your business. Intelligent solutions

Single point of contact

A single point of contact means a familiar face, a trusted partner, an easier relationship and a smoother, streamlined experience.                           Single point of contact

Far-sighted approach

Our sign maintenance programs keep your brand in pristine condition while extending the working life of the sign by up to 30%.                                                         Far-sighted approach

Smarter systems

Our industry-leading online management system, Signifi, provides secure storage and easy online access to your project data.                               Smarter systems